Beginners’ and intermediate level Scottish country dance classes take place every Wednesday at 8pm from mid-September to the end of July at the Evangelische Gemeindezentrum, Helene-Meyer-Ring 25, U3 Olympiazentrum, see sketch.

If you are coming to us for the first time, please let us know beforehand.

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If possible, bring flat shoes with leather soles – otherwise socks will do and we can advise you where to buy suitable shoes. The fee is three euros per evening (two for MSA members), but the first evening is free of charge. Beginners are advised to come on a regular basis to learn the basic steps and figures.

Advanced Scottish country dance classes take place every other Thursday from 8.30pm in the Pelkovenschlössl, Moosacher St.-Martins-Platz, which can be reached with the U3 to Moosacher St.-Martins-Platz.

On some Thursdays the class may begin at 8pm if the demo team is not practising beforehand (will be circulated in our regular mail).

Further Weekend courses take place a few times throughout the year – some for beginners and some for experienced dancers.